Top Benefits of CEREC Single Visit Dentistry

As you know, fitting a traditional crown can be a long process. First, you must take impressions of the patient’s teeth and fit a temporary crown. You then have to wait up to two weeks for the lab to prepare a permanent crown before you can fit it. Thankfully, there is a faster alternative, one that also has many other benefits.

Speed Up Dentistry With CEREC

CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) dentistry allows you to create and fit permanent dental restorations, including crowns, in a single visit. That means dentists and patients don’t have to fit as many appointments into their busy schedules.

Avoid Temporary Crowns

CEREC dentistry removes the need to use temporary crowns. Instead, you can fit patients with permanent crowns right away. This is much more comfortable and convenient, as temporary crowns often fit poorly or break, causing discomfort and forcing patients to be very careful while they wait for permanent restorations. Many dentists find it more convenient to not have to take impressions of patient’s teeth, produce temporary crowns, and then remove and refit them once the permanent crowns are ready.

Better Accuracy

CEREC technology allows you to create an accurate digital model of each tooth, which you can use to manufacture a crown that fits the tooth perfectly. There’s no need to remove excess tooth material to make the crown attach securely or compromise the fit.

Less Sensitivity

The accurate fit of CEREC crowns means that patients have less sensitivity after their fitting. There’s also a lower risk of dentin tubules being affected, which can occur when a temporary crown is fitted and often leads to sensitivity.

Lower Risk of Infection

The more procedures you have to put your patient through, the greater the risk of infection. CEREC dentistry means that your patients only have to go through a single procedure, so there is a lower chance of infection. That means you can expect to see fewer patients coming back with problems after a CEREC crown fitting.


The dental restorations you create using CEREC are just as durable as those created in the lab. In fact, the likelihood of a CEREC crown surviving for nine years is an impressive 99.5 percent.

At McKenzie Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves on having the latest dental technology available to YOU!  Our amazing patients.  Want a crown in one visit?  Short on time and need to get in and out quickly?  Call us today!

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