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Why Your Child Needs a Mouthguard

For a seven-year-old, losing their two front baby teeth can be a real cause for celebration, but it’s a different story when it comes to their new adult teeth. These need to be protected, especially if they are playing sports — even the backyard kind in some cases. This is where a mouthguard can prove […]

Veneers 101: All You Need to Know

Many people feel that their smile detracts from their appearance instead of enhancing it. No one should have to feel that they must keep their lips firmly pressed together in a closed mouth smile when greeting someone or showing pleasure. It is difficult to feel sincere and natural when you must always be cognizant of […]

Teeth Care At Work

During the workday, you are probably too busy to think about your teeth. However, the oral bacteria that cause cavities are multiplying all the time, even while you work on an important presentation or collaborate with co-workers on an exciting new project. To prevent your career wreaking havoc on your teeth, turn these workday tooth […]

When To Change A Toothbrush

You usually know when to replace most things that wear out. Holes in shoes or faded fabric signal the end of the item’s natural life, but what about your toothbrush? You use your toothbrush every day, but is there an optimum time to change it for a new one? Is Your Toothbrush Past Its Prime? […]

Everything You Need To Know About Toothpaste

Shopping for toothpaste can be flat out intimidating.  There are so many options.  So many different claims of this or that.  So many ingredients!  What in the world should you be using?  Let’s discuss the main things to look for in your toothpaste: Flavor The gel or paste that you use generally contains pleasant flavoring […]